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Why You Need JanTech Office Cleaning Tacoma WA.


 1. When you partner with with JanTech Office Cleaning we will taylor a Janitorial program  that works for you and keeps your budget in mind.

 2. We are owner operated this means no more miscommunication and your concerns are addressed in a timely manner and the job is done right the first time.

 3. Take a look at your cleaning crews tools is the mop and bucket clean ,do they take pride in there job, can you talk to them and get action.

  At  JanTech Office Cleaning we use only quality microfiber cloths and mops and they are cleaned after every use.We only use quality cleaning agents and green      cleaners.

  4 . We are 7 years old and very well know in the Tacoma area with linked in, face book ,twitter and more.

 5  With JanTech Office Cleaning Tacoma WA. About 98% of our clients still with use us and we can suplpy some of the best references in the industry.



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